Meta-teaching: experiencing and learning about Finland’s education system

Effectively being able to communicate information is an art form on its own. I've been to several workshops that have striven to teach good presentation techniques. Don't read off your slides. Do engage the audience in questions. Don't overdo the animations. When teaching about teaching, naturally you have to be even more cognizant. You've got … Continue reading Meta-teaching: experiencing and learning about Finland’s education system

why we learn (& teach) languages

Experiences like this make you wonder why you are doing them. Why does the Japanese government want a whole mess of foreigners sprinkled throughout the country, having misunderstanding after misunderstanding, many awkward moments, cultural blunders, chance encounters, experiences of a lifetime...? Is English that important that they want to spend hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars … Continue reading why we learn (& teach) languages

What does your space suggest?

After writing the post about Katazuke and the Konmari method, I did a little bit more research. This naturally lead me down a deep rabbit hole of Konmari-ing everything I could until way past my bedtime, and then waking up at 5:30am and continuing the process.   Cleaning is rewarding in itself. It is a task that when finished, you can immediately enjoy the results of. In the Power of Habit, I recall one section where Febreeze is used as a case study. After the development of Febreeze, market … Continue reading What does your space suggest?