Blueberry Jam

The Common Ground Country Fair, the main(e) annual event put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), makes me weak in the knees. I had no self control when I went there… which is why I ended up with five pounds of frozen Maine wild blueberries and a whole slew of other things. While these didn’t need any preserving (they were already frozen…), I wanted to try my hand at jam.

Blueberry jam is a pretty easy preservation project. The hardest part is knowing when to stop cooking the blueberries before they turn into candied blueberries… woops. I used 6 cups of blueberries and 1 cup of sugar, boiled all of that together for awhile until the mixture reached the the gelling point. Supposedly, you can tell when it’s at the gelling point when the blueberry goo slides off the spoon in one chunk as opposed to dripping off after cooling it in the freezer for a couple minutes. I think I caught it at the right time but after the couple minutes of freezer time, the gelling point turned into the hardening point so when I processed it, the whole thing turned into candy. Beware of that mess.

If that does happen though, you can always heat it back up and add a little bit of water to turn it all around. Peanut butter jammy time. It’s around the point seen here where you want to consider cooling it down and testing the consistency. It’s generally intuitive, and a slightly drippy jam isn’t the worst thing.

Process for fifteen minutes in boiling water canner (keep at rolling boil with jar suspended either by a towel underneath or a canning insert).


Scents tucked in 

Lids tightened and sealed 

No escapes


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