Dreams to Seeds

This blog was previously named Dreams, Skeins, and Everything Green but somehow this feels better, seeing as I just started working as a plant breeding technician at a seed company and seeds have become a big part of my life over the past year or so. The words themselves seem like an easy transition – seeds are a little more concrete than dreams but still hold wonderful possibilities, especially from a breeding standpoint.

In the tomato world, we’re working on hybrids with all kinds of combinations of shapes, colors, sizes, disease/pest resistance, plant type, you name it. The seeds we produce are dreams that came to fruition, and are then delivered to growers to bring fruit to someone else’s dream. See the connection? Lots of pictures to come and maybe some inspirational videos. Not as inspirational as this one on protein synthesis that was sent around the office today (respect to Stanford in 1971 for this quality production):


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