Hi! My name is Myra. Call me Myra-chan please. I also go by Mika-sensei at school. Yes, everyone is confused.

Currently serving as JET Program Assistant Language Teacher in the currently sweltering city of Kumamoto. Happily still answering the “How old are you?”s and, “Do you have a boyfriend?”s. Still exploring all that is new – the world of teaching in middle school, fresh local ingredients, and the bliss and fear of a somewhat familiar but still foreign culture.


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  1. Hi, myramika! Thanks for visiting my blog! You saw that I recently visited Tokyo in my post. Loved it so much! I actually live a hop, skip, and a jump across the water in Taipei. I’m an American expat here too and teaching English, so we have a little in common. Great to read about you here. Your blog looks like a lot of fun to follow. I’ll definitely check out your posts. I love this cute photo with your obachan! I actually don’t blog much about my experience here. I’m more of a fiction writer/blogger, so I write romance stories. The novel that I’m currently editing is set here in Taiwan, though. After visiting Tokyo, I feel like I have to write a romance set in Japan some day! I just wanted to say hi and hope you’ll become a blogger friend of mine. Happy blogging .. and teaching! 🙂 By the way, by what name should I call you?

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for writing! That’s wild that you’re in Taipei. How long have you been there? My friend who teaches here as well just visited Taipei. Seems like a great place. I’d love to read your Tokyo romance – let me know when it hits the shelves!

      As for what name to call me – “Myra” works 🙂 and happy blogging to you as well.

      1. Hi Myra! Thanks for writing back! I’ve been in Taipei for almost six years. It’s a pretty cool place and you should definitely put it on your list of Asian cities to visit. The food is truly amazing here and probably the biggest must-do highlight! Thank you also for the encouragement for my writing! Haha,I will definitely let you know when my Tokyo romance hits the shelves. It may be a very long time, though, since I haven’t started that one yet, but I’m working on editing my novel that is set in Taiwan. I’ll share the link when it’s published online. How do you like teaching English there?

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