Oven Mitt Man Mittens

These are the first mittens I ever attempted as a gift to my good friend Will, who uses his big hands for rock climbing and playing an electric bass he built himself. They're based on this pattern from Knit with KT: Basic Men's Mittens. There are just a couple of difficult things about this pattern: you... Continue Reading →


Simply Warm Legwarmers

just in time for winter. Nice and chunky, folds at the purl rows for a horizontal pleat. Worsted weight acrylic yarn 4 sts = 1 in CO 54 sts and divide on size 6 double pointed needles. Join in round being careful not to twist. Ribbing: K1P1 for 8 rows. K all sts for 8... Continue Reading →

Little hats

for little heads. My Hat Here’s my hat. It holds my head, the thoughts I’ve had and the things I’ve read. It keeps out the wind. It keeps off the rain. It hugs my hair and warms my brain.   There’s me below it, the sky above it. It’s my lid. And I love it.... Continue Reading →

First Sock EVER

Socks have always intimidated me. Something about having to fit the weird shape of a foot just seemed way over my head. But I did it! Look at me now! Tiniest needles you can get (size 1) and barely-substantial-enough-to-exist sock yarn makes for a long-term project. The whole thing took me nearly a year to... Continue Reading →

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