miso potatoes

I was craving potatoes the other day and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with them. Seeing as I don't have an oven, baking was out. Frying is good but I wanted some kind of flavor on them. No ketchup in the house. But miso goes well on everything to me these days.... Continue Reading →


Hijiki Salad

  My aunt gave me some hijiki and my extended family gave me an incredible bilingual cookbook with a recipe for hijiki salad. It didn't come out as good as hers but she probably put more love (read: sugar/mirin) in than I did. Next time I want to try it with honey. Need first a... Continue Reading →

Easy-peasy Yogurt

  Firstly, let me say that this is probably the easiest way I've figured out I can save $200/year while still using the best ingredients I can and eating the way I want to eat - and all it takes is a little extra planning and kitchen time. Not a problem. Fresh homemade yogurt requires... Continue Reading →

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

I adapted this ridiculously easy vegan butternut squash soup recipe and it was truly ridiculously easy and incredibly tasty. The general list of ingredients: - Butternut (or acorn) squash - Carrots - Onion - Garlic - Water - Salt, Pepper - Optional: sweet potato, apple, ginger, marjoram, cheese I had a variety of squash pieces... Continue Reading →

Newest Sushi Chefs

We still need some work on our sushi rice making abilities, but the rolls we made were absolutely beautiful. Colorful and tasty, but just the slightest bit on the chewy side.There are several different recipes. This is the one we tried but I think I'll do a different one next time and see how it... Continue Reading →

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