First Sock EVER

Socks have always intimidated me. Something about having to fit the weird shape of a foot just seemed way over my head. But I did it! Look at me now! Tiniest needles you can get (size 1) and barely-substantial-enough-to-exist sock yarn makes for a long-term project. The whole thing took me nearly a year to... Continue Reading →


Photograph Coasters

I've seen instructions for these floating around the interweb quite a bit and really wanted to try it. These are actually my father's old photographs that I found in an old box and they happened to be the perfect size for the project. It was meant to be. These don't seem to hold up well... Continue Reading →

“Gourdgous” Secret Santa Ornaments

¬†Secret Santa events can be stressful. It's not easy finding a gift that feels good enough and personal and is also under the ten dollar limit. I happened to have picked the most festive holiday fanatic I have ever met. Fully outfitted in a Santa onesie the night we exchanged gifts, my wonderful friend Cara... Continue Reading →

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