Easy-peasy Yogurt

  Firstly, let me say that this is probably the easiest way I've figured out I can save $200/year while still using the best ingredients I can and eating the way I want to eat - and all it takes is a little extra planning and kitchen time. Not a problem. Fresh homemade yogurt requires... Continue Reading →


Homemade Deodorant

There has been a lot of speculation about the health risks of brand-name deodorants/antiperspirants due to the aluminum found in them, though from what I've found, the studies have been fairly inconclusive and you would have to physically ingest the deodorant to get enough aluminum to have an effect. However, there's no harm ever in... Continue Reading →

First Sock EVER

Socks have always intimidated me. Something about having to fit the weird shape of a foot just seemed way over my head. But I did it! Look at me now! Tiniest needles you can get (size 1) and barely-substantial-enough-to-exist sock yarn makes for a long-term project. The whole thing took me nearly a year to... Continue Reading →

Photograph Coasters

I've seen instructions for these floating around the interweb quite a bit and really wanted to try it. These are actually my father's old photographs that I found in an old box and they happened to be the perfect size for the project. It was meant to be. These don't seem to hold up well... Continue Reading →

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