Apple Sauce and Roasted Red Pepper Spread

¬†Another day of preserving. Apple sauce, much like blueberry jam, is very simple - cut up the apples, cook them in a large pot until soft, mash them up (I did half blended and half coarsely chopped), boil with spices, and ladle into hot jars (heated for 10 minutes in boiling water, not including lids).... Continue Reading →


Blueberry Jam

The Common Ground Country Fair, the main(e) annual event put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), makes me weak in the knees. I had no self control when I went there... which is why I ended up with five pounds of frozen Maine wild blueberries and a whole slew of other... Continue Reading →

First-time Picklers

When asked what my favorite food is, 98% of the time I will say pickles (the other 2% depends on what I've enjoyed most recently). I adore the crunch, the sour, the salty; it all makes my mouth water. And I love most things pickled, including cucumbers (naturally), daikon radish (called "takuan" in Japanese), beets,... Continue Reading →

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